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Our Landlord, Mr. Harvey Stone, KBLX GM, visited KRE as part of the KRE Staff and Family Reunion in September. He hadn’t seen the building in 6 years and was truly amazed and very impressed at the transformation from a dilapidated radio station to a showplace housing the extensive CHRS antique radio, broadcasting and test gear collections as well as the Maxwell Library and amateur station W6CF. This extreme transformation has come about only due to the dedicated efforts of a passionate group of volunteers.

Our 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Richard Watts at LIVE! At KRE last July. Richard drives many miles from Modesto to be at almost all of our volunteer days at KRE. As our Collections Manager, Richard has created the database that lists and describes every artifact, (with photographs), in our building and in the CHRS Collection. He has also written our Collections Policy that will be adopted as time goes on, scanned and updated Hints & Kinks for our new web site and assists in building restoration projects. Our thanks go our to Richard for all his hard work and dedication. Richard has also taken a few more chores for us… read on.

KRE Building Operations Managers Robert Swart and Walt Hayden continue to do fine work maintaining, improving and creating new display and storage spaces inside KRE on a regular basis. And our Landscaping Operations Manager “Farmer” Larry Drees and Assistant Manager Butch McDonald keep our grounds neat and trimmed. Vice President & Director Scott Robinson and W6CF Trustee & Director John Staples are regulars on our volunteer days and repair and restore many of the artifacts in our collection. In addition, they assist members with repairs during our Radio Repair Clinics. Many comments have been made about what excellent condition that our display items are in. Well, most of that is due to regular volunteer, Jim Bradt, who brings new life into dried, scratched, and broken radios. CHRS has thousands of vacuum tubes and Gilles Vrignaud can be found almost every volunteer day sorting or testing tubes or managing the collection in some way. Gilles also is one of our experts on Radio Clinic days. CHRS Counsel Ex-Emeritus and Radio Historian Bart Lee, another regular, manages the CHRS Radioana Archive, that he created, and sorts and files the thousands of pieces of ephemera from the Maxwell collection and other sources. Hil Hampton and Dave Harris, both are dedicated volunteers who work in the Maxwell Library, sorting and shelving our large collection of magazines. David Vasquez can be found as a regular in our audio transfer facility where he works on digitizing Electrical Transcriptions from our collection that will become available on our new web site. These volunteers are joined by Jerry Cantou, Maria Palting, Elmo Giovannetti, Rich McCall, Seth Arp, Greg Jones, Lew Doty, Larry Clark, Rod Wentler, Dale Tucker, Janice Kushman, Reina Swart, Tom Bonomo, Paul Shinn, Art Lebermann, Dave Billeci, Bill Wray, Mike Adams, Len Shapiro, David Jackson, Steve Stephens, Al Norman and Bill Voigt. All of these people and so many more have donated their time and efforts in 2011 to help make CHRS / BARM the fine organization it is. We are grateful to you all for your dedication.

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