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RCA 4-A-1 Condenser Microphone – by John Staples W6BM

The RCA 4-A-1 condenser microphone was the mainstay of studio microphones starting in the 1930s in the NBC  network.

RCA 4-A-1 Microphone

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  1. I am surprised to find out that RCA, a company well-known for their broadcast-oriented ribbon microphones, built and used condenser mics as early as the pre-war era. I wonder what circumstances dictated which of these microphone styles would have been used (neither were suitable for outdoor use, given their delicate construction), although RCA had dynamic mics as well. Excellent article!

  2. I need to replace the cable and wanted to be sure I bought the proper 6 conductor cable that can handle the voltage load. Do you happen to know what voltage is sent through the cable to the mic head? Do these mics require an independent power supply to power the mic head?

  3. I have the opportunity to buy an original 4-A-1 that’s in pretty good cosmetic shape. What would be a fair price to pay for that? (I know without seeing it its tough to say, but I would say its in almost very good cosmetic condition). It certainly is in better condition than the one pictured above. Would appreciate your opinions on what would be fair for me to pay. Thanks!


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