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Hint & Kinks 20 Year Compilation PDF

This is the Twentieth Year Anniversary Issue of the Journal of the California Historical Radio Society.  The focus of the techical material is the preservation and restoration of old radios, which is CHRS’ corporate purpose. The Compendium starts out with the All American Five tube radio, which became popular in the early 30s and lasted until tubes phased out. This circuit is the most widely used circuit in radio history.

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  1. Dear Jaime Arbona
    I have been collecting tube radio’s for about 40 years, always with the intent of restoring them when I retired. This never happened.
    My wife passed away 2 years ago, I have sold my house and must be out on the 13th of March.
    I now have no place for the radio’s and I would hate to see them go in the dumpster. If you can send some one with a van to pick them up, they are yours.

    Gerald Hansen
    35208 Preston Place
    Newark, CA 94560

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