Img 0420Richard Watts, John Staples, Gilles Vrignaud & Raj Checking Out TV Display

Img 0438CHRS Great Room Ready For TV Event

Img 0413Seth Continues Work On Our Rare Philips ConsoleImg 0412

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Raj Tests A Tube Using Our US Government Tube Analyzer As Jimmy & Joe Observe

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 Seth Arp Polishes Our New DeLuxe Philips Console

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It’s Very Unusual – Not Sold In The US

Screen Shot 2022 04 28 At 9.36.39 PmDenny Monticelli, Dave Billeci & John Stuart Working In W6CF

7Fa130A1 5B45 46A5 9333 944622F96Ab7Selfie By Jon Hammond & Gilles Vrignaud At Our April 2nd, 2022 Event

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Our Cataloging Crew Hard At Work
Cynthia Edwards, Betty Cosmos & Walt Hayden Register Our Artifacts

0C01Cf3F D456 42A8 B347 66Dc7Dfc0F90 1 105 CUnloading The Heavy Oak Parts Of The Booth

41E93D67 17F1 4F73 9A57 C9F57308B0A3 1 105 CKeith Scott & Seth Arp Take The Door Up The Stairs

A28D2A8A C687 4281 9Ee1 370Dc56C61F5 1 105 CKeith & Steve Garaventa Assemble The Booth

73E0Ec3C Dc8E 4147 9Daa D18Ec74Fdd06 1 105 CThe Back Goes On

A4B8C9F2 D0D9 4654 8A80 8C69Ca368B54 1 105 CFinished And Displaying Vintage Telephones – The Phone That Gets Installed Will Be Working

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Gilles Vrignaud Makes Adjustments On Our TV Head End… That He Built!

3Eee869A 7F2D 484A A1C8 1B65F3D79A95 1 105 CGilles & Steve Garaventa Adjust The TV Head End

C7567C13 F336 44D0 Ab66 41289E2A9008 1 105 CJohn Staples & Raj Work On An Early TV

Dd210Cee A051 420C 9947 A05Fbbd978B8 1 105 CDave Billeci Makes Contact Using Our W6CF Amateur Radio Station

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John Stuart Gives Our NBC Chime Machine Some TLC

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Denny Monticelli & Seth Arp Prepare For Our Alameda Point Event

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Cataloging Continues – Walt Hayden Photographs Our Artifacts

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Betty Cosmos & Cynthia Edwards On The Cataloging Team

9B2D1712 21Dc 4963 827F 933C08Dadabf 1 105 CExciting New Donations Just Arrived

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Even Bruno And Bart Are Excited

A0Fb7A88 4De9 418D 92C4 50427D7B870F 1 105 CDonations Come In Almost Every Week

426B15F3 3Ff3 4993 Bbbb 617B55D3C074 1 105 CJohn Staples And Seth Arp Examine An Early TV

9D2E5905 Ff63 4002 B801 03C9837F6D5D 1 105 C E1646370329695Consoles Being Transported To Storage

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AnchorNew Temporary Homes For Some Of Our Consoles

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Walt Hayden & Steve Garaventa Upgrade
One Of Our Schoolhouse Lights To A Better LED

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Keith Scott & Denny Monticelli
Harvest Some Fruit From Our Orange Tree

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Kent Leech, Walt Hayden & Miles Steubing
Sort New Vacuum Tube Donations

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Work In Progress… Radio With Pictures Coming Back To Life

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It’s Springtime in February in Alameda so the weather is good for yard work. Steve Garaventa & Earl Hammers start the assembly of our new 10′ x 20′ shade structure. Our old one outlived its usefulness and was torn apart in last year’s storm. 

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Denny Monticelli Sands One Of Our Lunch Serving Tables

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Structure Complete! Zoey & Betty Approve

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Happy Lunchers Joe, Bart, Earl & Our Cook, Keith

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Nice To Be Outside With Denny, Walt, Raj, Gilles & Kent 

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Steve, Dave, Philip And John Enjoy Lunch In The Shade

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The 40′ Container That Holds
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Our Other Collection Artifacts
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Is Getting Organized. Yay! First Time It’s Been Done.

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Dan DeRensis Lays Down Some Lacquer In The Warm Climate