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 Radio Central Photos



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Oooh… Check Out The First Of Our Radio Day Auction Radios. We Will Have Some Rare And Sought After Pieces Up For Auction This Year. Stay Tuned. 

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There’s Johnathan Westerling And Denny Monticelli
On The RC Roof Surveying For A New Antenna 

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John Staples And Joe Selkregg Work
On Our General Electric Projection Television

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Willard, One Of Our Most Senior Members
Attaches Tags To Auction Radios

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We have heat!!  Thanks to all the members involved who helped us along this road as well as AT Weber who did the installation.

Come in on a cold day and feel the warmth in our great room!
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Look Up… At Our Two Brand New 40,000 BTU, (Each!), Infrared Heaters. 
Zoey Approves. We Will Now Be As Warm As She Is With Her Fur Coat.
Thanks To Walt Hayden & Denny Monticelli
For Doing The Research And Choosing These Heaters

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Computer History Museum’s Chief Registrar
& CHRS Member Aurora Tucker Continues
Her Radio Repair Training With Denny Monticelli.
Aurora Loves To Tinker! 

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Jimmy Fink Works On Our 1942 Wurlitzer Juke Box

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First Of 2 Infared Heaters Being Installed In Our Great Room
It Will Be Toasty… They Are 40,000 BTUs… Each!

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Getting High 🙂 That’s Steve Garaventa Up There
Under Our 16 Foot Ceiling Replacing A Work Light

3E7Ef0E0 4Eac Aad2 A8Be 40D4De6Ecf4AOur Team Adding Items To The CHRS Collection Using The Catalogit App.

Thanks To Walt Hayden, Cynthia Edwards And Betty Cosmos


Cdc74469 14C1 Eef3 58F0 0862F734E75ENew CHRS Member, (And Jukebox Expert), Stephen Franaszek
& Rachel Lee With Our Vintage Wurlitzer

794003A9 1B87 054E Fe37 8Dc8C2E1A8D6Our Hospitality Chairpersan Betty Cosmos
And Her Assistant Zoey At Our Speakers Event

Img 2954 Scaled

Img 3006 Scaled

Img 3005 Scaled

Img 3034 Scaled

Img 3033 Scaled

Img 3032 Scaled

Img 3030 Scaled

Img 3029 Scaled

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Radio Central Great Room Looking Good! Getting Ready For Events

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Seth Arp Polishing A Mid Century Wurlitzer 50 Record Jukebox Home Stereo

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Seth Arp, Jim Fink, Dan Healy & John Staples

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John Stuart & Vincent Wu Refer To Plans For The Big Project.
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Mingling In Radio Central’s Basement Are Happy CHRS Members Richard Watts, Denny Monticelli, Hil Hampton, Gilles Vrignaud &
Heidi Kikawada. Gilles Is Especially Happy To
Have His Long Awaited 3″ Pilot TV. 

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8D575958 8505 986B 2Ad8 4Ad37E7A17B3Much Interest Was Shown Recently In Seth Arp’s Zenith Windcharger
53Ada281 63Ba Aecd A733 3Fe1B5Be1289Dave Martens Electrifies Radio Central

Img 1859

Img 1870 2Ee85944 F31E 23Fa Bd2F 375Bfec921FaSteve Garaventa & Hil Hampton Participate In Dust Elimination

Img 1794 Img 1795 Img 1796 Img 1800 Img 1799 Img 1798 Img 1797 Img 1803 Img 1804 Img 1802 Img 1801 Img 1806 Img 1807 Img 1808 Img 1812 Img 1811 Img 1810 Img 1809 Img 1818 Img 1757 Img 1756 Img 1759 Img 1762 Img 1494 Img 1493 Img 1497 Img 1498 Img 1469 Img 1470 Img 1471 Img 1463 Img 1474 Img 1466 Img 1464 Img 1459 Img 1455 Img 1456 Img 1446 Img 1447 Img 1450 Img 1452 Img 1375 Img 1376 Img 1389 Img 1390 Img 1381 Img 1374 Img 1372 Img 1371 Img 1367 Img 1366 Img 1365 Img 1306 Img 1285 Img 1290 Img 1291 Img 1237 Img 1238 Img 1240 Img 1241 Img 7754 Rainy Day Volunteer LunchImg 7755

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Seth Arp Working On A Vintage Radio In The Radio Central Shop

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Heidi Kikawada And Walt Hayden Sorting, Testing and Marking
Some Of The 30,000 Or So, tubes In Radio Central

Img 0979 Img 0978 Img 0977 Img 0984 Img 0985 Img 0986 Img 0983 Img 0982 Img 0970 Img 0969 Img 0945 Paul & Edith Bourbin Work In RC’s Front GardenImg 0944 Img 0913 Img 0911 Richard Watts’ Adjustable Chassis Jig In ActionImg 0914 Img 0915 8A827900 8010 Dff4 D980 5A53395D701FJohn Staples Assisting Chairman Mike Adams
With Tuning In Amateur Transmissions
On His New Yaesu Ham Receiver
In Radio Central’s Back Yard

Cda0Fc2C 3556 A211 Eec7 C2899D6390CfSee The New NBC & CBS Network Radio Signs Above Our Control Room Window. These Are Very Nice Steel & Enamel Reproductions,
Donated To CHRS By Sam Van Zandt & A Friend. Thank You!!!
Also Donated Was A Mutual Broadcasting 
Network Sign. Note The RCA/NBC Ranger Chime Machine #002 And Our Zenith Walton’s Set.

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In Communications Central.

6446Cf0E 1938 402C Ab59 E6D54482B79B 1 105 C New Antenna For SDR System Being Erected By Steve Garaventa & Mike Loper404Ef856 5E24 444A 9958 158A1Ec6D0D4 1 105 C
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The New Antenna In Place

Bc011118 4Ec4 4633 81Ff 0D554D86Aeb9 1 105 C Joe Selkregg Give One Of Our TVs Some TLC

D3Bdf6Cf 1D10 4E14 9A72 84A1Ab6F3D3A 1 105 C Cataloging Continues With Betty Cosmos, Cynthia Edwards & Walt Hayden

60B10F98 B417 4C68 Bd66 Bcf7Bd247F64 1 105 C John Staples & Joe Selkregg Visit With A Donor

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Making A New Back For An Old Radio In The CHRS Wood Shop
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Bed068Bf 5A7F 4C53 89B3 D439B4Cb1941 1 105 C 39D3327C 05E4 4Eda 925B D56674Db1560 1 105 C B42Bd10C 91E5 4193 8F66 5Aec6989Be6B 1 105 C 7D9Fec59 48D5 4A0F 8Acb B4Fcffd2Ff70 1 105 C Img 0500 Photo Session Documenting Auction Items For Radio Day 2022Img 0502


727B0595 3097 88F0 1F48 1C49F7C10B28CHRS Volunteers Edith & Paul Bourbin In Front Of Our Palmer Kinescope MachineA3Cdeaf3 376C 6C36 B6B8 28Ed7Bc3E1E7After A Great Job Of Tending To Our Beautiful Front Garden

Img 0420 Richard Watts, John Staples, Gilles Vrignaud & Raj Checking Out TV Display

Img 0438 CHRS Great Room Ready For TV Event

Img 0413 Seth Continues Work On Our Rare Philips ConsoleImg 0412

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Raj Tests A Tube Using Our US Government Tube Analyzer As Jimmy & Joe Observe

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 Seth Arp Polishes Our New DeLuxe Philips Console

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It’s Very Unusual – Not Sold In The US

Screen Shot 2022 04 28 At 9.36.39 Pm Denny Monticelli, Dave Billeci & John Stuart Working In W6CF

7Fa130A1 5B45 46A5 9333 944622F96Ab7 Selfie By Jon Hammond & Gilles Vrignaud At Our April 2nd, 2022 Event

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Our Cataloging Crew Hard At Work
Cynthia Edwards, Betty Cosmos & Walt Hayden Register Our Artifacts

0C01Cf3F D456 42A8 B347 66Dc7Dfc0F90 1 105 C Unloading The Heavy Oak Parts Of The Booth

41E93D67 17F1 4F73 9A57 C9F57308B0A3 1 105 C Keith Scott & Seth Arp Take The Door Up The Stairs

A28D2A8A C687 4281 9Ee1 370Dc56C61F5 1 105 C Keith & Steve Garaventa Assemble The Booth

73E0Ec3C Dc8E 4147 9Daa D18Ec74Fdd06 1 105 C The Back Goes On

A4B8C9F2 D0D9 4654 8A80 8C69Ca368B54 1 105 C Finished And Displaying Vintage Telephones – The Phone That Gets Installed Will Be Working

C9515177 A7F6 79Ca 03A7 E13C66B4456F
Gilles Vrignaud Makes Adjustments On Our TV Head End… That He Built!

3Eee869A 7F2D 484A A1C8 1B65F3D79A95 1 105 C Gilles & Steve Garaventa Adjust The TV Head End

C7567C13 F336 44D0 Ab66 41289E2A9008 1 105 C John Staples & Raj Work On An Early TV

Dd210Cee A051 420C 9947 A05Fbbd978B8 1 105 C Dave Billeci Makes Contact Using Our W6CF Amateur Radio Station

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John Stuart Gives Our NBC Chime Machine Some TLC

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Denny Monticelli & Seth Arp Prepare For Our Alameda Point Event

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Cataloging Continues – Walt Hayden Photographs Our Artifacts

3D71D62C 36A8 4707 88D7 D7D435F90C92
Betty Cosmos & Cynthia Edwards On The Cataloging Team

9B2D1712 21Dc 4963 827F 933C08Dadabf 1 105 C Exciting New Donations Just Arrived

Eba423Ca Acab 4Bd7 B7A0 C3Ae6A1Edc0C 1 105 C
Even Bruno And Bart Are Excited

A0Fb7A88 4De9 418D 92C4 50427D7B870F 1 105 C Donations Come In Almost Every Week

426B15F3 3Ff3 4993 Bbbb 617B55D3C074 1 105 C John Staples And Seth Arp Examine An Early TV

9D2E5905 Ff63 4002 B801 03C9837F6D5D 1 105 C E1646370329695 Consoles Being Transported To Storage

D5450E40 C395 4274 882C 4Bf073680C44 1 105 C
AnchorNew Temporary Homes For Some Of Our Consoles

71E5000F Cf34 A9E9 6880 3C864E43305A
Walt Hayden & Steve Garaventa Upgrade
One Of Our Schoolhouse Lights To A Better LED

0B729D4D 3D1F 7E8A C36A 9Ed6A77Fc7E4
Keith Scott & Denny Monticelli
Harvest Some Fruit From Our Orange Tree

4A321Db3 C662 646C B4Fc 0De187D07223
Kent Leech, Walt Hayden & Miles Steubing
Sort New Vacuum Tube Donations

10E48B44 D6Ae 6A77 9755 98Ca9655Ece4
Work In Progress… Radio With Pictures Coming Back To Life

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It’s Springtime in February in Alameda so the weather is good for yard work. Steve Garaventa & Earl Hammers start the assembly of our new 10′ x 20′ shade structure. Our old one outlived its usefulness and was torn apart in last year’s storm. 

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Denny Monticelli Sands One Of Our Lunch Serving Tables

9459E5Fc B993 14De C880 21A7261D2D45
Structure Complete! Zoey & Betty Approve

32B78E92 7266 91Ed 7Eb6 D88C20Ca5Bfa
Happy Lunchers Joe, Bart, Earl & Our Cook, Keith

9F8B2F5B Dba8 6Fb2 4347 87Baa173A78C
Nice To Be Outside With Denny, Walt, Raj, Gilles & Kent 

Eeffd3F9 9433 F408 D595 41Da14Cd5Ba0
Steve, Dave, Philip And John Enjoy Lunch In The Shade

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The 40′ Container That Holds
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Our Other Collection Artifacts
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Is Getting Organized. Yay! First Time It’s Been Done.

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Dan DeRensis Lays Down Some Lacquer In The Warm Climate