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December 28, 2013

A gift from a friend, and a challenge as well.

I have received the following from a member of CHRS.

Please tell your downloaders that I am going to issue a challenge to them.  

When it comes time for CHRS to call in the pledges to pay for their new building (and it looks like that might be soon), if your downloaders make donations, I will release some rare discs in my collection.  
Right now, to show you that I’m serious about this, I gave Ace a show to encode for you to download for free today.  It is rare, and nobody is selling it.

I will give more information about what the challenge is in the next posting.  [/i]


Okay folks, you’ve heard the intro.  Now here’s your gift from our donor:

Vocalist Connie Haines In Front Of A &Quot;Blue Network&Quot; Microphone
Guest Star 381
Starring Connie Haines
with George Cates and his Orchestra
First Song Pink Shampoo
July 11, 1954

Plenty of bouncy songs by Haines.


Pink Shampoo Bottle With The Chrs &Quot;Crossley Pup&Quot; On The Front


Guest Star 382
Starring Nat King Cole
with Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra
First Song In the Hall of the Mountain King
July 18, 1954

Sheet Music Cover Of Song &Quot;Make Her Mine&Quot;, With Nat King Cole On The Cover

Cole’s first song is Make Her Mine.

To download this file, click on the password photo below.

To open this file, please type the following words, all lowercase, no spaces:


Photos And Graphics Depicting The Words &Quot;Help&Quot; And &Quot;Chrs&Quot; And &Quot;Please&Quot;

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    1. It looks like you and our anonymous donor were one of the lucky ones who had copies of this show, Mike, but now everyone is lucky. I’m glad you got an upgrade for your collection.

      I hope everyone will remember this when it comes time to ask for donations to help us pay for a new home. It should be coming up very soon.

    1. Thank you. With the commenter’s permission I edited the comment so we can add this disc to our upcoming Transcription Disc challenge.

      Everyone please watch this project for more information soon.

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