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photograph of Earl "Fatha" Hines

December 27, 2014

This show should satisfy anyone who likes the jazziest, swingin’-est sounds that came out of this era.

Jubilee 106

First Song Keep on Jumping
Goldin dates this program as recorded October 30, 1944, released March 10, 1945.

“Jubilee” always had a lineup of incredible talent, and this episode is no exception: Earl “Fatha” Hines,

Photograph Of Earl &Quot;Fatha&Quot; Hines

June Richmond, Mantan Moreland & Ben Carter,

Frame Of Mantan Moreland &Amp; Ben Carter, Unknown Video

Slim Gaillard, The Loumel Morgan Trio, and The Town Criers.

By looking at the exhaustive discography that was available for free online, I learned that one of the singers in “The Town Criers” is Lucy Ann Polk.

Vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

You will hear her in several other free downloads available here.

And of course the host is the unstoppable Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman.

Vintage Sheet Music Cover - Flat Foot Floogie With The Floy Floy

And I’ll add a word about the time of year:

So many websites I’m visiting in the past month has been fundraising, even As I recall, I got a whole lot of my old-time radio because they put in the work to make it available to me, so I’m planning a donation to them*.

Same here, friends! If you got a few shows because of the hard work that our volunteers did, please make a donation to us, so that we can continue to make our collection available to you.

*(And if anyone can tell me why will no longer accept our announcements of new downloads, please let us know.)

To download this file, click on the picture of Lucy Ann Polk.

To open the file, use the first letter of the six words that make up the link immediately after the words, “because of the hard work that our volunteers did”, all lower case, no spaces.

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