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December 14, 2013

A new series, one for which we fortunately have complete episodes.

The first and second halves of the shows were on separate discs and we have both sides for all of these.

So it will be commandos!  Sabotage!  Adventure, once again.

Proudly We Hail 197 Special Mission
July 13, 1952

Goldin describes this as “A team of American commandos joins the Norwegian underground for sabotage behind the Nazi lines in Norway.”


And since this is the time for year-end donations, please keep CHRS in mind.  We would be grateful for your donations.

Label Proudly We Hail 197

To download this file, click on the label picture above.

To open the file, type the first letter of all the words (all lowercase) in the sentence after “please keep CHRS in mind.”

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  1. Many thanks, Ace! I’m excited to hear this. This is just the type of program I use in my work. You and CHRS do great work.

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