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August 18, 2013

This show is not in the collection of Goldin, listed as unavailable in OTRR and not for sale at OTR vendors.

This disc was another from the collection donated to us by the estate of Arthur Jim Sandler.  We are grateful to the estate for providing these discs so that you can enjoy this show.

Globe Theater 187

This is My Best – “Princess O’Hara”

Starring Charley Cantor, Alan Reed, Eddie Marr, Lurene Tuttle, Bea Benadaret

Host: Herbert Marshall

Actress Lurene Tuttle

Also in the cast is actor John Brown.  His plaintive, sometimes panicky, voice would be the narrator and omnipresent character of the 1949 series “Damon Runyon Theater,” where this story would be performed again.  You’ll find a  nicely-researched biography of Brown at the Digital Deli.

Vintage Photo Of Damon Runyon

This episode, broadcast as a network episode on December 5, 1944, is taken from the series “This Is My Best”.  Fans of this series will be pleased to note that this is not yet in general circulation.

(The last portion of side 2 of this disc is a portion of the December 3, 1944 episode of “Matinee Theater” – “Jane Eyre” starring Victor Jory.)

Globe Theater 187 Disc Label

To download this file, click on the picture of Damon Runyon above.

And as always,

Characters Spelling Please

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And, as usual, we must bring you a message about the status of our building.  CHRS is preparing for a move that is imminent.  Any support downloaders can offer will be appreciated.


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  1. This is great, Ace! You guys continue to do exciting work. I will donate to the cause after I buy textbooks.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Harlow.

      And keep checking back here. We’ve got more rare shows coming your way.

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