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Bert Gordon ("The Mad Russian") and Eddie Cantor in front of an NBC microphone

April 6, 2015

Reaching back…
Hildegarde, Circa 1949
This one was done a long time ago, back when I didn’t know about reading the date on the runout.  So until I can get to those discs (they’re still in storage, along with the playback & recording equipment), you’ll have to live with the AFRS number.  But maybe that’s okay, since it looks like this episode is not in circulation.

Bert Gordon (&Quot;The Mad Russian&Quot;) And Eddie Cantor In Front Of An Nbc Microphone
Hildegarde 33
First Song I Want to Be Happy
Guests: Eddie Cantor, Bert Gordon (“The Mad Russian”)

Vintage Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;I Want To Be Happy&Quot; From &Quot;No, No Nanette&Quot;
Those odd edits you hear when Cantor introduces his song are in the original disc.  I’m going to guess there was content there that the AFRS people didn’t want to have go out to the military audience, for some reason.

Vintage Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;Just One Of Those Things&Quot; From &Quot;Night And Day&Quot;

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Vintage Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;How Deep Is The Ocean&Quot;

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  1. I don’t know why, but I really get a kick out of these Raleigh Room broadcasts with Hildegarde. Good, clean, simple fun. Incidentally, according to Jerry Haendiges’ log (, this is the 12-05-1945 broadcast (at least, that one features Eddie Cantor and Bert Gordon and opens with “I want to be happy”).

    Thanks so much for making these available!

    1. December 5, 1945 looks right. RadioGOLDINdex shows the “Raleigh Room” for November 6, 1945 as AFRS #29, and the “Raleigh Room” for January 16, 1946 as AFRS #38. If count backward and forward from those dates, AFRS #33 would be the December 5 show.

      Your postings are much appreciated.

      What you posted that I’ve never been able to figure out a date for was “The Aldrich Family,” AFRS #14. If at some point, when those discs get unpacked, you could retrieve the date from the run-off, that would be most cool.

      No big deal if you can’t, though.

      Didn’t realize you guys benefited from going to Amazon through the link on your page. In the future I’ll do that!

  2. Just wanted to let you folks know that I enjoyed the Electrical Transcription Project while it was active and am sorry that it has (apparently) ended. At least I’m guessing so since it’s been almost two years since the last post. Some good stuff got posted while it lasted. Thanks for that.

    1. You are most welcome, Jon. And thank you for looking in on us and commenting.

      Just so you and others know, our facility has most recently been dealing with weather damage.

      But beyond that, the facility construction and restoration these last 2 years has concentrated on the programs and equipment that the majority of the members use. This means that the Transcription Disc Project, a smaller portion of the volunteers, has had to wait.

      But that doesn’t mean the Project has ended! We’ve had more than one donation of discs during these 2 years, with some rare and uncirculated materials among them. This means that many more programs are coming, even beyond those that were waiting for encoding before the move. I’m looking forward to offering them to everyone who came here. I keep hoping it will be soon.

      Thanks again.


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