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 CHRS Donors & Supporters Are The Best 

Meet Our Latest Generous Donors

CHRS is fortunate to have the best donors and supporters anywhere! As evidenced by some of our latest donations. We highlight here a few of those important donations. In order received, we thank Dan DeRensis for his generous $5,000 donation. Dan requests his donation to be used for the upkeep of the artifacts in the CHRS collection.

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Dan DeRensis Loves To Work On Our Consoles

Our next major donations comes from Life Member Gilles Vrignaud. Gilles again has gifted $5,000 to our General fund. Thank you Gilles! Your generosity and support for CHRS makes us very happy!

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Gilles Vrignaud Sorting Tubes With Hil Hampton

Now we honor Jon Winchell. Jon makes a generous donation every year. And this time Jon has earmarked his donations as following: $5,000 towards the building Facade restoration and $5,000 toward the Great Room display gallery. As always Jon, your support is gratefully accepted and very much appreciated.

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Denny Monticelli Accepts Jon Winchell’s Donation

And finally we honor a special Lifetime CHRS member. This donor wishes to be anonymous. He has generously donated to CHRS in the past. His donations are always appreciated, especially his latest gift. Last Saturday this fine person presented a check to the CHRS General Fund in the amount of $50,000!

OK, now it’s your turn to be featured. Just send us your generous donation so CHRS may continue to be the best antique radio and historical society. CHRS is special and our donors keep us that way. Thank You!