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 Changing Of The Guard

Chairman Mike Adams Retires

Director Philip Monego Fills The Chair

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Well… Life goes on. About 26 years ago Mike Adams became Chairman of the CHRS Board Of Directors. Mike has done a fantastic job of managing our Board, our meetings, keeping up with our web site and creating text / art displays for KRE and Radio Central. We can’t say enough about Mike and his devotion for the preservation of radio history. Mike tells the stories of radio that will live forever.

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We were kind of caught off guard when, last Saturday, Mike announced his retirement from the Chairmanship. We all know when it’s time to move on and Mike feels the time is right for him. Because CHRS has a self-perpetuating Board, Mike was able to nominate Director Philip Monego to become his successor. Philip was unanimously approved by the Board. We congratulate Philip and wish him well in his new position with the Board… Including insuring proper decorum during our meetings 🙂

Lots of changes for CHRS lately, and all for the betterment of our favorite vintage radio and communications society. Our future is bright.

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Thank you Mike and thank you Philip for your dedication and passion for CHRS. When we reconfigured the CHRS Board in 1996 and I became president, I knew the right man for the Chairmanship, and it was Mike Adams …And was I right.

Thank you Chairman Mike! Steve

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Our New Chairman Philip Monego Addresses The Assembled Masses

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CHRS Veterans Paul Bourbin & Mike Adams