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Live! At KRE – “Radio Day by the Bay 2012” was tremendously successful thanks to all the hard work by our dedicated volunteers. And thanks to our generous attendees, this has been our best event ever. See the Auction Results

Our Sincere Thank You to: Stan Bunger, Cheryl Jennings, Renee Richardson and Michael Capozzola, John Schneider and Mike Adams, Ken Ackerman, The Broadcast Legends Old Time Radio Players, The Tamsen Donner Band, Frankye Kelly, The Horns a Plenty, David Jackson and Len Shapiro, Heber Smith, Isabelle Lemon, Jane Morrison, Gimmy Park-Li, Bart Lee, Waldo Boyd, Paul Shinn, George Tyler, Aidells Sausages, Peet’s Coffee, Amy’s Fine Foods, and the almost 50 volunteers that made this event happen.

Here are some of the preliminary figures: Almost 350 people in attendance. 91 auction paddles sold. 170 of 190 items sold. $15,945 in total auction sales. CHRS nets $10,140! $3,195 in flea market sales. Grand total for the day – $26,062! That’s $9,000 more than last year! Stay tuned for “Radio Day by the Bay 2013”, July 20th, 2013… AT KRE!!!

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