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 Meet Luna!

Zoey’s New Pal

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You Are Not Seeing Double. Meet Luna, Zoey’s New Friend. Luna Is Our New 2 Year Old Siberian Husky Rescue. This Beautiful, Intelligent Husky Was Abused And Abandoned By Someone Who Skipped Out Of An Apartment And Left Her Behind. She Has Had 4 Homes In 2 Months And Needed Some Help. We Are Pleased To Report That Lovely Luna Has Found Her Forever Home With Zoey And Your Editor. She Is Keeping 14 Year Old Zoey Pretty Spunky And Will Be A Good Friend To CHRS For Many Years.

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Luna Loves Radio Central’s Back Yard. Plenty Of Squirrels To Watch!
New Sheriff In Town

 Meet Bella 

 She Has Razor Sharp Teeth 

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Just in from Tom & Julie Bonomo in Reno. Meet Bella. This 4 month old killer pug is now in training for cash guard dog at Radio Day. She’ll be ready. Tom says she has razor sharp teeth. We wish Tom & Julie all the best with bella Bella. You can meet her at Radio Central on Radio Day, July 22nd.