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We at CHRS, are the ultimate Recyclers. We take old radios destined for the landfill and restore and upgrade them so you can play your modern digital music through an antique radio! By using your phone or bluetooth. Our radios are all safety checked and ready to play. Come by and pick up a few for Christmas gifts. Our radios are offered as premiums for your generous donations. CHRS is a 501(c)(3) educational non profit formed in 1974 to preserve and present the history of radio and communications. All donations help in preserving this important part of our history. Img 2675 Img 2704 Img 2703 Img 2701 Img 2700 Img 2699 Img 2698 Img 2697 Img 2696 Img 2695 Img 2694 Img 2674 Img 2691 Img 2690 Img 2689 Img 2688 Img 2687 Img 2686 Img 2684 Img 2683 Img 2682 Img 2681 Img 2680 Img 2679 Img 2678 Img 2677 Img 2676