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 The CHRS Holiday Party 
 Wrap Up


Notes From The Editor

We had a terrific turnout last Saturday, as CHRS celebrated the Holiday season with our annual pot luck lunch and general meeting. And of course the food was ultra yummy! Big Thanks go out to Super Volunteers Judy Mears and Betty ‘Cookie Lady’ Cosmos along with E. D. Rachel Lee who all did a swell job of organizing the event.

CHRS has lots to celebrate. When other organizations of our kind are struggling in some way to survive, we are doing very well. Why? Because we have volunteers and supporters who are second to none.They realize that we are blessed to be part of something very special. Owning our own building that we bought, in downtown Alameda, is pretty special. Having a corps of experts and specialists and a growing, passionate membership has created our special ‘family’. So, everyone of our members and supporters should be very proud of what we have accomplished from our humble beginnings in parking lots, to becoming a true historical society ensconced in Radio Central… The West Coast center for the celebration of radio & communications and The Wireless Discovery Center. Thank you to everyone who has made our great accomplishments possible.

On A Personal Note…

I announced this on Saturday. As time marches on, change is bound to occur. CHRS is not exempt from this process. Our biggest change since we bought 2152 Central, is the hiring of our 1st employee in our almost 50 history. We have been absolutely thrilled to have Rachel Lee join us as our new Executive Director. She is doing a great job and fits very well into the CHRS family. Rachel does many things for us, including things that have traditionally done by the president’s position. In order to simplify our management structure, I will be giving up the title of CHRS President and Scott Robinson will be giving up the Vice President’s title. My new title will be ‘Director/Project Manager’ and Scott will be ‘Director/Shop Manager’. It’s all good. Bottom line is… not much will change. Scott and I will continue our same tasks and projects at Radio Central and with CHRS. I’ll still edit Listening In and produce Radio Day.

I feel blessed to have carried the title of CHRS President for 27 years and am very happy about the changes. Thank you all for supporting me for all those years. Anyway… we’ll see you around the plant 🙂 Keep Smiling, Steve

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