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This radio is free to a good home. The cabinet is in very bad shape: missing veneer, torn speaker cloth, damaged foot. No knobs and the dial is warped. The chassis and speaker are dusty but otherwise in pretty good shape, all tubes present (but untested).
I need to make room for other radios, so would like to offer this to anyone who could use the parts.
This is available for pickup or hand off at a mutually agreed public spot on the SF Peninsula.

  • cabinet f6cbb134
  • pxl 20210210 002918530 60b8e677
  • pxl 20210210 002948810 aabfcc28
  • pxl 20210210 003131897 75e86896
  • pxl 20210210 003318121 50db25bf
  • pxl 20210210 003434177 cc244720
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